Cookie Policy of TBM Group AG (“TBM”)

version effective from 10.6.2018


In order for TBM to be able to provide You with the best quality Services and provide You with the best user experience, it needs to collect so-called cookies. Cookies are small pieces of data sent from Our platform and stored on Your computer by Your web browser while You are browsing.

This Cookie Policy applies to any using of Our website/platform and Our services via an internet browser or application.

Insofar as the cookies or the information provided via cookies are Your personal data, Our Privacy Policy applies to its processing respectively. Below You can find the basic description of the processing of cookies.

Who is collecting the information

All the personal data provided via cookies is controlled by TBM Group AG, Inseliquai 8, Luzern, Switzerland. The cookies may be accessible by a third party service providers in case You will require any specific service from Us, for which we have to use an external service provider.

Purposes of collecting cookies

Any cookies are collected for the following purposes:

  • Authentication – identify the user and his proper behaviour
  • Security – keeping the data safe and secure any non-real user offends
  • Functioning – observe the necessary processes to keep the system without bugs and any disturbances
  • Performance – to provide bug free and fast services, we track the necessary user behaviours to be able to provide the necessary upgrades and updates

Consent with collection – Right to refuse

In case You have any reservations, You may refuse the cookies and block the collection of cookies on Your web browser or You can opt not to provide us with the consent with cookies processing according to this Cookie Policy. However, please note that in such case You may not be able to use Our services at all or you may not be able to use them in the desired quality or use all of their functionalities.

Please note that such a refusal of cookies collection shall not prevent any technical storage or access for the sole purpose of carrying out or facilitating the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network, or as strictly necessary in order to provide Our service on the basis of Your explicit request.

Contact address and more information

In case You do not understand any of the information above or if you have any reservation to the processing of the cookies, please contact us on the following email address: salesatskischoolssoftware [emailtecka] com (sales[at]skischoolssoftware[dot]com). In case you want to learn more about cookies and how they work, you can visit a third party websites, such as:, or