1) Working on fix salary or hourly wage?

That’s always a question among the instructors community. Basically, the answer is quite simple – who wants to take a risk?
When you go for a fix salary, your employer usually covers all social security and other costs like living or lift ticket. You can be sure you get what you were promised and you can count how much you get more or less at the end of the season. So in this model you are safer, you do not take a risk if there is a less work for you, and you know how much you have at the end of the season.

Choosing the option with hourly wage, school puts more risk on you, so you should get far more that in fixed model. Especially when you need to cover all the permissions, accommodation, lift ticket, etc., make sure you enter the school with good reputation. There is always a chance you get just few hours of work during the season and you fall in deep financial crack.

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2) Shall I use my ski equipment or the schools one?

Do not expect that you get employed and you immediately become the best sponsored skier on the planet having all Bogner outfit and Stöckli skis. It is mostly common that ski instructors use their own skis and poles for the lessons. Working outfit you should get from your employer as it can be really worn off after the season. Some schools require wearing helmet when on the lesson, obviously your own one. As it is still the working equipment, most schools provide you some special deals or discounts from the partners.

3) Attend trainings in ski school?

Many schools will cover the low seasons by trainings. In high quality schools with educated and experienced teams are training the highlights. It’s the best opportunity to learn the best insider tips and very efficient methods and technics for your practice. Ask your employer when and how are the trainings provided and make sure it matches your personal career goals.

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4) How to get tips from client?

Especially in high rated resorts with top clients, expect to be less paid from the schools, but teach the pin tips of the world of fame and business. These people are often closer to you than you think and the same human beings. Maybe more than average, they expect to be provided not just good, but excellent services. Every time you do more than a standard ski instructor, be sure it counts and at the end of the day will be more or less appreciated. Do not count with tips for your work, but keep in mind your lessons must be totally outstanding!

5) How many seasons to spend in one school?

Always think about your career goals before choosing the landing spot in next season. Some instructors like to be appreciated and valued members of the team. Just in couple seasons you can easily become a star as most of instructors staff are students and short term workers filling up their gap years. So being more seasons in one school can definitely bring you some level ups, better incomes and stable working environment. Many clients will also count on you and you become a part of those families coming every year to that same resort.

Having plans to conquer the world, do not stay in one school more than 2 seasons. You want to meet many clients, many friends, instructors, learn new technics and work & travel the world? Choose the continents you want to see, check the best opportunities and the easiest ways to get employed there and just go for it. Only priority is to save some money to get around and see the things. Good connections and mates are always beneficial, just do not overlook being a slave working for nothing…